Saturday, March 29, 2008

Samuel Fell Down

Since the arrival of our new maid, Samuel has been taking her as a joke. (literally) Everything she says, he will laugh. Even when she scolds him, he laughs at her too. It is as though she looks like a clown every time.

Today when we came home, Samuel, Jesse and the maid was in the TV room (usual place for them). The maid looked after Jesse while Samuel ran around, jumped everywhere, screamed like there's no tomorrow. The maid continuously told him to stop, which made it worse. He screamed and laughed even louder. Daddy couldn't take it anymore and told him to stop. Samuel stopped for a while, and went running again. This time in circles (like there's no tomorrow). Again the maid told him to stop, but he ran even faster (in circles).

Finally, he fell down. Flat on his face and started crying. Daddy went to see him, he continued to cry. He went to manja mummy, and continued crying. He was in pain.

He fell flat on his face and hit his lower lip against his tooth and his upper tooth against the floor.

He is alright, just have a loose tooth and a slight bleed on the lower lip.

Samuel Crying

Samuel's Slight Bleeding Lower Lip

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