Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Maids - Part II

After our 1st maid left, we flew in mum in law to look after Samuel. With her around, we are more relieved. We can be very sure that she will do her best to look after Samuel and us. At the meantime, we have to look for another maid. Fillipino or Indon? Or should we go for childcare or nanny? We have surveyed a few childcare centre but hmm... not what we wanted, and it is not easy to find a nanny here.

My fillipino massuer introduced her sister after she learned that I am looking for a maid, although she has no experience in working as a domestic helper. After some thoughts, we decided to take her because :

1. She's introduced by someone we know - not so worried if she runs away when we are not at home
2. She has a daughter and was taking care of her nephew - capable of handling children
3. She is not working in her home country - full time housewife and mum, hence can look after the house well
4. Shes a graduate with a Hotel Management degree - would be able to speak proper English

With all the reasons, we thought she should be able to do a good job. We were very wrong!! Shes the worst maid we ever had. When she arrived, she stays with her sister. The following morning, her brother and sister sent her to our house. In the afternoon, she requested to take a nap. We allowed her to do so and told her that next time if she needs to take nap, she can do so when Samuel is sleeping. In the evening, after she finishes her work, she sits there and watch tv with us on the rocking chair. Are we being too nice? The following morning, she can't wake up!! At that time, we close one eye as we thought she has not recovered from her travelling.

We have not learnt our lesson with the 1st maid. We still treated her very good. We give her Sundays off. Saturdays halfday off upon request, stay overnight at her sister's house. When shes off on Sunday, as early as 6am she's gone and will only be back at 8pm. We told her that she should be back before 7pm. After several reminders, she still comes back late. There is one occassion we keep telling her she needs to come back by 7pm but did not turn up till 8pm!! We have not gave her our house keys, so she needs to come back before we go out. At 715pm her sister sms me and said they are going out for dinner and will be back late. We waited for her to come back and after 7pm only her sister sms and said she will be back late. I will never forget this day because it was our 3rd year anniversary - 18th September.

When shes back on Sunday, she will not do anything eventhough there are many things waiting for her - laundry, kitchen utencils to be washed. When I asked her why she did not clear the things before she goes to sleep, she told me its her off day!

Despite the lousy housework and cooking, we still give her chance. Every morning when Alvin goes to work and Samuel has to be left alone with her, he cried pitifully. There was nothing much we could do as my mum in law has gone back to look after father in law.

After 1.5months, we went to China for about 1week for holiday. We allowed her to stay with her sister or brother while we were away but she needs to come back to clean the house before we come back from holiday. So we gave her the house key. After we came back, that Sunday she was back early, at 5pm, for a reason. Her sister and brother were there with her. Her sister told me that she doesn't want to work and wanted to leave immediately!!! I asked for a reason and her sister just said its personal. She dare not say a single word. We kept asking her for reason and she just kept quiet. We were left with no choice but to let her off. Thank God, we have not processed her documents as my maid yet, as I told her I will only do the proper documentations after I find her capable of handling the work. So, I do not need to send her back. Her sister asked me to call her when I am ready to pay her sister the salary. Duh.... left without notice and dare to ask for salary?!

So, what do we suspect this time? I think she found a job when we were on holiday. Few months later, my friend told me she saw her working together with her sister as a massuer.

Once again, we are left with no maid..........

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Loh & Ling Family said...

i am just like you without any helper in Kuala Lumpur because i am Sarawakian who married with city boy in KL.I have 2 sons which i depend on Maid very much to take care of my 2 boys boys.
Think of it ... You had treat your maid in very nice way compare to other ppl. Sometime , i just wonder that maid also need to be appreicated on their MAJIKAN who being treated them well in foreign country.

4 of Us