Monday, June 2, 2008


Since baby, many people (especially strangers) always mistaken Samuel as a girl. Their reasons were either because of his hair, his eyes or his complexion. I am not surprised as it was not easy to differentiate a boy or a girl when he was a baby. But he is coming 4 and still there are people who mistaken him as a girl.

Last week, daddy brought his colleague from KL to one of the Thai restaurants nearby for dinner. Samuel and I tagged along. After our dinner, the lady boss of the Thai restaurant came over and chatted with me. Suddenly she asked if Samuel is a boy or a girl. After I told her he is a boy her remarks were "Oh he really looks like a girl", "Maybe is the hair", "The eyes also makes him look like a girl".

Daddy mentioned to me that one of his clients saw our blog and when she saw the header she asked daddy where is our son. After daddy told her then she commented that he looks like a girl.

During our trip to HK, the HK immigration officer also commented that he looks like a girl. I thought it is obvious that he is a boy now. But looks like there are people who will still mistaken him as a girl.

Does that mean only girls will have thick hair, only girls will have big beautiful eyes, only girls will have fair complexion? If you have any of those, you will look like a girl?

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