Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Missing Luggage

Since it was school holiday, I decided to take leave and go back KL for a week. We left Brunei on Wednesday evening via AirAsia.

Both the kids were still manageable when we were in airport and throughout the whole journey, although Jesse was kinda demanding. Most of the time, Jesse only wants me, which makes me even more tiring.

We have alot of small hand luggages when we were on the plane. I have a handbag, daddy has a messenger bag and the portable dvd bag, both Samuel and Jesse has a bag each.

All our hand luggages were at the bottom of our seats. When the plane landed, we forgot to take one of our luggage. We forgot about daddy's portable dvd player that comes with a bag. This was daddy's father's day gift which mummy bought a few days ago.

We only realised it when we were about to reach our destination while we were in KL. Since it was so far to LCCT, it took us another 1 hour to reach the airport again.

We reached KL at about 11pm and by the time we rushed back to LCCT it was already about 130am. It was really to our disapointment when it was no longer on the plane.

Initially, the ground crew refused to check for us. According to the Lost And Found staff on duty, 30m after the plane landed, the cleaner will have to clean the plane and the cabin will be closed and locked by the engineer. No one is allowed or have the authority to open the aircraft.

After some time of “begging”, the Lost And Found staff assist us to contact the person in charge. After awhile, he allowed us to go into the plane to check for ourselves as they can't find the bag. When they sent me to the plane, I was surprised that the cleaners are still cleaning the plane, as we were told that the aircraft has been closed and locked!

I am not surprised that it went missing. The player came with a small bag which can be easily been taken by other people. We were really disspointed with the missing dvd player.

Without the player, it makes us even more difficult to handle the kids. If we have the player, we can at least have some quiet time when they watch their favourite cartoons.

Since daddy really liked the player so much, while we were in KL, we bought another one. Yes, the same one except for the colour.

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mybabybay said...

Sorry for your mishap. That is why I only carry 1 bag if I have kids with me.

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