Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Big Boy

Samuel has been very dependent although he can do most of the things himself. He expects us to feed him, change his clothes, bring him to toilet, brush his teeth, wear his socks and shoes etc. Only once in a blue moon, he will tell me he wants to do it all by himself. Sometimes when we insisted that he need to do certain things by himself and if his mood is good, he will do as requested, else he will want to cry.

Today, he gave me a surprise. It was during his nap when he suddenly has the urged to pee. He went to the toilet but wet his pants. He went to get a fresh clean pants from his drawer, took out his pants and changed it all by himself, then went back to his bed trying to continue his nap.

It was when I wanted to go to my room I heard some sound from his room and decided to check on him. I was surprised he was already awake and saw him in his pyjama pants. I asked him who changed him and he told me he changed it all by himself. Later, I asked the maid if she changed it for him but she doesn’t seem to know that he peed.

I then asked him to continue to sleep. When it was about time to send him to his music class, I went to his room to change him and he was not there. He was in his toilet, sitting on the toilet bowl and trying to pass motion.

I feel that he is really a big boy now. If only he will continue doing things all by himself.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Samuel is really a big boy now...u must be proud of him :)

Alicia said...

hmm kinda miss the time wen i do the things for him hehe :p

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