Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Little Equestrian

A Shetland Pony ride, right from our home? Yes, not just that, Samuel also rode on a life size horse too.

Initially daddy was kind of worried if Samuel will be afraid of a life size horse. Usually kids finds it a little larger than the horses that they have seen in pictures or even from the TV.

When daddy told Samuel that there will be a pony coming, Samuel was so excited. He went downstairs to the living room and asked daddy "Where's the pony, daddy?"

When we brought Samuel out of our home, he went straight to put on a helmet before he rode on the small Shetland Pony (the small miniature horse).

Samuel and the Shetland Pony
Samuel on the pony right outside our home
Samuel on the pony turning back home
Samuel the little equestrian
Samuel petting the Shetland Pony infront of our home

After the pony ride, Samuel was even more excited to ride on the life size horse.

Samuel on a horse
Little equestrian, huge horse
Samuel's horse ride
Samuel coming back home on the horse

Daddy's Little Equestrian


slavemom said...

He looked vy comfy with the pony n big horse. Is it his 1st?

Yling said...

Wow, pony! Angel would love it!

Jess said...

He so brave! My girls said want to ride horse too but when reach ZOO, all chicken out!

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