Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Recently I am busy with iphoto. Finally we can print our own album here in Brunei. We have been very reluctant to do the album for the children as we will need to order them online.

There are many designs and layouts to choose from iphoto. I have had a hard time choosing the one I like coz I like most of them hahaha... Because we wanted to do the hardcover type, and because the photo paper is thin, we will need at least 60 pages to look nice. It does not look nice with the hard cover album with only 40 pages, which is the standard album.

I wanted to do the magazine type ie. the soft cover but daddy prefers hard cover.


huisia said...

no photo??

mybabybay said...

You should try and you will never regret it. The quality is very good.

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