Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Gifts

Yesterday was Samuel's last day of school before the school holidays. He also had his poetry recital in school so he was dressed casually with his white gloves. He was presenting "Hickory Dickory Dock" that day. When daddy and mumy picked him up in school, he came back to daddy's car with a Father's Day Card. He didn't want to give it to me, probably not knowing that it was actually made to be given to Daddy. hehe. My very first Father's Day Card... :)

Later in the day, Daddy and Mummy sent Samuel to his music class while Jesse rested at home. Mummy got daddy his Father's Day Gift! It is a cool portable DVD/CD player. Daddy was and is still very impressed with it. Initially mummy wanted to get daddy an Apple iPod, having 2 little ones, daddy felt that it was more practical to get a portable DVD/CD player instead. hehe.
Some of the things that this LG DVD/CD player impresses daddy is that it is not only a DVD player that plays the normal DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, VCD, Audio CD, MP3, DivX, wma, jpeg, etc...

It has this amazing USB input. I can put any movies, photos and mp3 on my pendrive and it can play it from there. With the USB input, i tried putting my USB SD Cardreader. It works too. So i can just put any big SD/MMC cards and view the videos and photos. (better than an Apple iPod, right?) hehe.

Besides the normal Audio Video Output, it also has an Audio Video Input. So i can actually plug my playstation or nintendo wii on it and play from this small dvd player. Its so cool!

To keep the kids happy, the bag that it came with, can be opened up, flipped over and zipped and can be tied to the back of the driver's car seat. It becomes an instant (portable) car DVD player too.

Daddy is so happy :) Thank you Jesse, Samuel and Mummy. Fathers Day will not be of any meaning without any one of you. Daddy loves you!

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