Sunday, June 1, 2008

Babies Playtime with Daddy

Last night, daddy spent some quality time with the "babies" before they went to sleep. Daddy had an excellent time playing with both Samuel and Jesse. We played "giddy up horsy" and daddy carried both Samuel and Jesse all over the place.

One thing daddy noticed, Jesse doesn't allow Samuel to stick to daddy and Jesse will push koko away everytime koko tries to keep daddy in his possession.. Daddy felt good that he was "highly in demand" by both Samuel and Jesse.

Most of the time, daddy will ask Samuel to give in to Jesse and Jesse will have daddy wholly to herself :p (Poor little Samuel) hehe

Daddy would love to post some photos of his playtime with the babies but there was no camera near him at that time. Even if there was, daddy usually will be the cameraman and as usual, not being in the photo. hehe. Will get mummy to shoot some photos to remember these moments the next time daddy spends time with the "babies"

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Mummy to QiQi said...

i always think it is a blessing for parents to have child/children safely beside us especially at night :)

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