Thursday, June 5, 2008

Credit Card Redemption

This is what I redeemed from my SCB platinum credit card. I feel that their redemption system is very lousy. You will have to redeem it within a year, else it will be forfeited.

I only applied these cards a year ago and used it only for 6 months, ie. first half of the year. Since daddy got his cards and gave me a supplementary card, we hardly use my cards anymore.

With close to 6K points, I managed to redeem $190 worth shopping vouchers in one of the supermarkets. With this $190, we can probably get 3 enfakids and 3 enfagrow, which can last for about 5 weeks.

We have accumulated about 6k reward points. Initially I thought that the return was quite attractive as usually with $1 you will get 1 reward point. And with this $6k spent we can redeemed $190.

Only later I remembered that SCB points is $5 = 1 point. Gosh! That means we have spent $30k for only 6 months? And by spending $30k we only got $190 in return? And SCB still wanted to charge me 50% annual fees!

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