Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jesse @ 17 months

- Height = really no idea but definitely shorter than Samuel when he was her age
- Weight = no idea but seems like getting heavier
- Teeth 4 top, 4 bottom, 2 top halfway sprouting ( I think )
- There are few nights she sleeps through, few nights in a month
- If she wants you to "sayang" her, she will pretend that she hurts herself and complains that its painful by showing or pointing to the part which is painful
- Very manja
- Doesn't like to brush teeth
- Loves to watch TV
- Has good appetite
- Drinks 6oz morning and afternoon, 8oz before sleep, 40z of prune juice every morning
- Loves swimming
- Doesn't baby talk much, more on sign language


slavemom said...

It's so cute when they pretend to be in pain. The best part is once we "sayang" them, the pain goes away miraculaously. Dont u just feel great to hv such super power? :D

huisia said...

Happy 17 months!!
Feel like having a daughter now...

Alicia said...

ginie, yaya we r even more powerful than dr hahaha n i tried it on her, i pretend to be painful n she ignores me :(

huisia, u can try for another one since you r still young :p

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