Saturday, June 28, 2008


We have finally confirmed a maid. Since our maid left, we are waiting for a replacement maid from the agent. I contacted the agent at least 3 times a week to check for if they have any maid's bio data. Apperently, they keep telling me the don’t have any. The agent have not been very honest with us. Do you believe within these 2 months they don’t even have 1 bio data? No bio data means no business.

One of those days, daddy contacted the boss, and was told that I have been VERY FUSSY about choosing a maid. I was fuming mad. How can I be fussy when they don’t even have any bio data for me to choose? I kept calling them and they kept telling me that they have no bio data.

Later, I found out that they actually do have a number of bio data but they kept on lying to us. I suspect that they are intentionally trying to delay in providing us with a replacement maid. Reason being, if a new customer confirms taking a maid from them, the customer will need to pay them agency fees, which we do not need to do so because we have already paid them agency fees a few months ago. At the same time, we have been paying them a much higher salary for the temporary maid that is provided by them.

We are glad we have confirmed a maid. I have actually decided to look for a filipino maid, but since I can’t find any, I have to stick back to Indonesian maids. We can only take part time filipino maids to clean our house.

We pray that the new maid will turn out to be someone similar to our temporary maid. Our temp maid is a rejected maid and she has been working for 5 families (excluding us) and 5 of them have been complaining about her to the agent. However, we find her capable of handling our children, housework and cooking.

We confirmed the maid on the same day we went back to KL ie. 18th June. We shall see how long does it takes for her to arrive.


slavemom said...

U mentioned that u cannot hv the temp maid as a permanent bcoz of some issues, rite? Y can't the agency arrange something? Like send her home 1st, then let her come again? Did u ask for a 2nd opinion from a diff agency?
Anyway, good luck with ur new maid!

Alicia said...

the agent was afraid that she will not come back after she go home... altho now the agent is willing to transfer her to us the maid doesnt wanna work for us, she wanna go back coz her intention is not here, she wanna go Taiwan

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