Tuesday, June 3, 2008

His & Her # 2 Eating Habits

Since age 1, Samuel has a very bad eating habit. He doesnt spit the food, he only keeps it in his mouth. He can keep the food in his mouth for hours. We will have to keep stuffing more food in his mouth in order for him to swallow some of the food. He can never finish his food in his mouth. Usually towards the end we will have to take out the food for him, because he only chew and swallow when his mouth is really full. Either that, he falls asleep towards the end with his mouth full of food.

Jesse is totally the oppossite. Is either she eats or she doesn't. Either she spits or she swallows. She doesn't keep food inside the mouth. The food she likes, she is willing to eat and every time she sees her bowl she is very eager to eat.


slavemom said...

That's a really funny habit - keeping food in his mouth. I suppose he's not a talkative boy, otherwise, the food wud hv fallen out. hehehe

Mummy to QiQi said...

this reminds me of my sis who used to keep and chew her food in her mouth all the time!

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