Friday, June 13, 2008

Family Package

On Wednesday, daddy visited the clinic as he was having fever due to his infection caused by his severe allergy. He was on steriods AGAIN. But this time was a different type. He is still on medication and his condition hasn't really improved.

Daddy's medicine

Jesse's Medicine

Mummy's medicine

Samuel's Medicine

Yesterday night, Jesse started to have running nose and mild fever. Today daddy brought her to see the paedatrician. We think that her condition must be serious as the paed usually doesn't prescribe antibiotics.

Later afternoon, I went and see doctor as I felt that my condition was not really good. I have blocked nose since yesterday.

This morning I heard Samuel coughing as well. So we decided to put him on medication.

I am clearing my annual leaves for the next 2 weeks. We will be flying back to Malaysia for a week. I pray that all of us will recover before we leave for KL.


Mummy to QiQi said...

alamak...i tot its a tour family package when i read your title initially. hope everyone at home gets well soon, you take care!

slavemom said...

Aiyo... the whole family on medication. Speedy recovery to everyone!

mybabybay said...

Wow your family is down. Poor thing. Have a speedy recovery to all!

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