Thursday, May 22, 2008

Credit Cards

Two days ago, I received my SCB credit card bill via email. They have charged me $406 annual fees for both primary and supplementary platinum credit cards. Without hesitation, I called to request for waiver. Yesterday, they called and informed me that they can only waive 50% of the fees. That means, I need to pay $203 for a card which we kept for emergency purposes?

No doubt with platinum cards, we get alot of privileges. But I am not going to pay $203 for the annual fees. Moreover, I have a supplement card from daddy. No point keeping 2 same card with same privileges, unless its free!

This morning when I checked my HSBC credit card bill online, I was charged $125 annual fee each for my Gold Visa & Master Primary Card and $75 for Gold Visa Card supplementary.
I don't remember both the annual fees for both HSBC and SCB credit cards due on the same months.

I then headed to the nearest HSBC branch to request for the waiver, after I have spoken to the credit card call centre. The call centre is not providing me good services.

While I was in the bank waiting, after taking the number, one of the staff was very helpful asking for her assistance. She then lead me to customer service staff and without any questions she said NO PROBLEM! She will waived all the annual fees by today.

Thumbs up HSBC!!


mybabybay said...

UOB gave me platinum card with no fees whatsoever for life. That's why I am sticking with them. In fact they gave me a VISA and a MASTER.

Alicia said...

michelle, wah for life, so good... malaysia more competitive, dats y alot of banks can give cc for free, here unless its local bank then can get free but oso the 1st yr, but some willing to waive the annual fees the sub yr

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