Friday, August 1, 2008

Baby Words

When Samuel was younger, he initially impressed everyone when he could say "ok" at the early age of 2 months old. Amazing! Besides "ok" he never said any other things except for "baba" "mamamamama" "dadadada".

He only started (really) talking much later than most of our friends' little ones. He started calling mummy "mummy" when he was almost 2 years old! Actually he knows how to call mummy "mummy" much earlier but he just chose not to.

Some of our friends told us that boys usually develop slower than girls. And girls usually speaks earlier than boys too.

It didnt seem so with Jesse. Jesse is now 18 months old. She still doesnt know how to speak. The only word that she says clearly is "there" and "pooh"

Example 1
Daddy : Jesse, where is mummy
Jesse : There (pointing at mummy)
Daddy : Jesse, where is the fan
Jesse : There (pointing at the fan)

Example 2
Daddy : Jesse, who is this (pointing at winnie the pooh)
Jesse : Pooo

Example 3
Jesse : eeee... aaaa... (whining)
Daddy : What do you want, Jesse?
Jesse : Beh Woo
Daddy : What is beh woo? (scratch head)
Jesse : Beh Woooo (pointing at the balloon)
Daddy : Oh.. balloon... (beh woo pulak) hehehe

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slavemom said...

My boy (26 mo) calls balloon "menoon". :D His speech dev is vy much slower than jie jie's. But it's ok lah, he'll grow at his own pace.

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