Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Constipated Jesse

Since baby Jesse has constipation problem. Eventhough she was fully on breast milk she was and is still going through constipation. She will wail, scream and cry out real loud when she try pass motion.

About 3 months ago, we started giving her prune juice. At initial stage, she was on 2oz of prune juice diluted with 2oz of water every morning. It started to ease her bowel movement. When she started to have constipation again, we increased her prune juice intake to 3oz with 1oz of water.

With 3oz of prune juice everyday, she still had problems with her bowel. She is now on 4oz of prune juice. We have replaced her 4x of milk intake to 2x a day. We substituted her 2x milk with soymilk.

Every morning, around 6+am, we will feed her prune juice. In the morning and afternoon, she will gets her 6oz of Enfagrow milk, before bed and midnight we will give her soymilk. With this changes, her stool has become very soft and sometimes watery.


Mummy to QiQi said...

and mummy still take a photo of poor Jesse??? check if it is bcoz of the milk that she is taking. sometimes their body changes, so milk become not suitable anymore.

slavemom said...

Good that the changes hv solved her constipation prob. It's really pitiful to hv constipation, esp for lil children.

mybabybay said...

Poor her...add more fruits to her diet and also good bacteria like yogurt.

Alicia said...

chinnee, hehe so bad hoh tis mummy infact wen i took tis photo she wasnt dat bad oredi, there r times she reli scream for pain n help n she looks worst than like ppl giving birth

ginie, ya my heart reli breaks n theres nothing much we could do during tat time ...sometimes we "pump" her in order to soften her stool

michelle, we tried giving her fruits and yogurt as well

Health Freak Mommy said...

My Sherilyn has also always been a very constipated child. Red dragon fruit and fresh milk is always the best relief for her. Try it and see if it works on Jesse.

Serene said...

Oh.. luckily the prune juice helps! She looks so pity in the picture..

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