Monday, August 25, 2008

New Maid

When we came back from KL, we picked our maid from the agent. After 3months of having temporary maid, we finally have our own maid.

Since I was hoping she is the one for us, I took the challenge to train her from scratch. She has been with us for 2 weeks now. At times, she can be very forgetful even after so many reminders and she can talk non stop!

Having said that, I must said that she is hardworking. I hope she will continue to be hardworking. She wakes up at 4am or latest 430am to start her day, and usually by 930pm she will be in her room.

Although she talks alot, she has a good attitude. She will apologise when she knows she is wrong, unlike the temp maid who show us black face when we told her she's wrong. She quickly offer her help when she see us doing things/ carrying things, unlike the temp maid who quickly run away when she know we need help. She will tell us what she needs to do when we were with the kids, unlike the temp maid who just leave the scene, taking for granted we will be there to look after the kids. She gets Samuel ready to go to school every morning, unlike the temp maid who purposely choose not to bother.


slavemom said...

Hopefully she'll continue to show good attitude n be hardworking.

Mummy to QiQi said...

not to scare you, my stupid maid also show exactly the same good values u mentioned above in the beginning. now wake up more and more later even though given an alarm clock!

warn her many times, and yet same thing happen. when sometimes i find her din do her job, she said not enuf time in the morning. Next i will tell her not to sleep at nite.

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