Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Bedsheet With Comforter Set

Blue bedsheet and green comforter cover

We bought a new Aussino bedsheet and comforter cover set while we were in KL. It was certainly cheaper as compared to Brunei. We did not bring Samuel to shop while we bought the cover. But when we told him and showed him his cover, he was very happy about it. However, it was not the case when we put it on his bed.

On the first day of using the new bedsheet and comforter cover, he was okay. The following day he was afraid. He told me that the children will come out. I tried very hard to explain to him and I even named the children after his good friends. Although he understood, he is still afraid of the cover. He would want us to sleep with him.

Instead of sleeping with him, we took another cover just to cover on top of the comforter and he is willing to sleep by himself. When I left him alone with the comforter cover, he wanted to cry.

Last weekend, we decided to get him a new bedsheet and comforter cover set. Not only he loves the new cover, mummy, daddy and Jesse loves it as well :p He has 3 new bedsheet and comforter cover sets and 3 of them are GREEN! His favourite colour, but 3 of them choosen by us.


baby said...

cute bed for a cute babies

Serene said...

That's nice bedsheet and comforter cover!
Kids are kids! What makes him think the children will comes out? But is cute though..

renet13 said...

Aussino..good brand, nice designs but expensive . must wait for sale oni buy lor.
But good cottony quality though. emm my twin boys dure like the design u bought.

mybabybay said...

That's a cool bed. Does it have wheels?

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