Friday, August 29, 2008

Why ?

Why should I be angry when they fight with each other?
Why should I feel irritated when they interrupted me?
Why should I feel like i want to cane him when keep the food in the mouth?
Why should I feel like hes such a “dumbo” when he doesn’t understand what i am explaining?
Why should I shout at them when they don’t listen?
Why should I punish him when he bullies her?
Why should I ignore them when i want to be have some quiet time?
Why should I feel frustrated when they run around the house screaming?
Why should I feel like taping his mouth when he keeps talking and asking me questions?
Why should I feel ignoring her when she wants to drink milk in the middle of the night?
Why should I feel that you are naughty when you want to do the things you want?

Love is patient. I love him and her very much but why do I not have patience? Why?


slavemom said...

Becoz we're oni humans. I can totally relate to wat u've written here. :)

kien theng said...

is this a rhetorical question or you expect an asnwer?

because you are a sinner and therefore needing to rely on God to give us strength for love.

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