Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Date With Daddy

Daddy invited me to a date yesterday. Daddy had planned for our dinner in the morning. He made reservations in one of the new restaurants in town and had pre ordered our meals.

Mummy's Hot Choc & Daddy's Strawberry Drink
Capuccino Mushroom Soup
Daddy's Lamb Shank
Mummy's Medallion Tenderlion Steak with Fries

Mummy's Creme Brule

After our desserts, the waiter came with a surprise on behalf of daddy. He was holding a bouquet of rosses. How sweet and thoughtful of daddy giving me such surprise. Nope, theres no occassion. Daddy just wanna have a surprise dinner for mummy.

Mummy's surprise roses

Mummy & Roses


Jesslyn said...

wow so lomantic ya! :)

renet13 said...

wah this is what i call "Everyday oso can be Valentines's day" what claimed by my hubby but no action talk only (NATO). Jealous of u lah! he he!

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