Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Leech

Jesse has been very sticky to mummy since her first maid has left us end of February. Not only she is very clingy to mummy, she also rejected daddy many times.

Most of the time she only wants mummy, especially if we are not at home. Last weekend, we went to a Japanese restaurant. Since it has been awhile we took Japanese food, we decided to go there for a family dinner.

We bought along the portable dvd player, hoping Jesse would sit and watch her show. She only sat for 5 minutes, then she decided climb out from the high chair. I tried to ignore her while the maid carry her and walk around the restaurant.

Very soon, she started to make noise. Although the restaurant is very crowded and noisy, her wailing and screaming will easily attract alot of attention. I decided to carry her while enjoying my sushi.

When she started to see us eating using chopsticks, she started to imitate us and she managed to grab the food with chopsticks.


little prince's mummy said...

It's not easy to hv a quiet meal, few minutes for ourselves, after become mum...

renet13 said...

me also have been attacked by leech problem..especially early in the mornings when i have to send the 2 girls Juliana & Jasmine to nursery..They will cry pitifully..stuck to me like inseparable leech. Crying "I dont want to go school..the elder will lead the cry and drama ..the younger one is easier to calm."Mummy you come early ah" Aiyoh very disturbing and stressful yet Sam thung lah!

Serene said...

Wow.. amaze! She can pick the food up using chopstick?
Girls are more clingy than boys. I think..

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