Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Different Ways of Holding A Pencil

Samuel has not been very good in his fine motor skills. He doesn't know how to hold a pencil until he turned 3. He was only able to write in a proper manner when he was at the age of 3.5.

He was abit slow and his writting was very light (you can hardly see), as he doesnt have the strength in his fingers with his right hand. All the while his school teacher has been teaching him with his right hand. Only at a very later stage the teacher notices that he has more strength in his left hand.

Since no one notices that he could probably be left handed and after sometime of right hand training, he is now a right handed. But sometimes without him realising it he will write with his left hand. Only when he starts to realise it, he will changed it back to use his right hand.

A few days ago, his mandarin teacher pointed out to me that he is not holding a pencil in the correct way. We did not notice or realise that he is not holding a pencil correctly.

Can you see the way he holds pencil? His "tallman" is on top of the pencil instead of at the bottom of the pencil.
I tried to change his way of holding a pencil but he complaint that his "tallman" is in pain if he puts it at the bottom of the pencil. Is this an excuse or is it a valid reason ?
Jesse surprises us by holding the pencil the right way since 1. She was able to hold the pencil and scribble hard in her doodle board. We thought that she learned it from Samuel. Only now I realised she must have picked it up from somewhere else.


Mummy to QiQi said...

i remember some of my friends hold their pen in a very weird way too, but their writings are beautiful!

slavemom said...

Hv to go chk how XY holds her pencil. As for didi, he still doesn't know how to. He jes grabs the pencil by clenching his fist.

mybabybay said...

Maybe his fingers are still not strong enough. Don't worry, he will eventually hold it right.

Alicia said...

chinnee, actually i dun mind they way he holds it but the mandarin teach ask me to correct him n im afraid if she keep correcting him but his school teacher din bother then he will b confused

ginie, so have u checked out the way xy holds?

michelle, since we corrected him the way he holds pencil, he was kinda lazy to write... i think i will just let him do it his way

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