Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mix feelings

As usual Jesse woke up very clingy to me. But this morning she was abit too extreme. After the maid changed her she started running to our room. When she can't open the door, she started to cry.

I came out from the toilet, I opened the door for her and she wanted to be carried. After a while, she is willing to let go and I went into toilet again. She came running to the toilet calling "mama" and opened her arms wide wanting me to carry.

My heart really melted when she calls me with her opened arm. I carried her again and this time I can't let go. After I switch on her favourite Mickey Mouse show and gave her alot of toys to play with and try to distract her attention, then only I can put her down.

When I tried to sneak out, she saw me and cried out loud again. But this time I need to go. Its time for me to go to work. I left her with the maid alone screaming and shouting. My heart really broke into pieces. How I wish I could be with her at that moment. I hope she will not feel abandoned.

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