Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mandarin Class

Samuel stopped attending mandarin classes since last February. One of the reasons was because of the inconveniences. It is about 20 minutes drive without jam and his class starts at 430pm on a Monday. As both of us are employed workers, it is really not convenient for us to leave our working place during working hours just to send Samuel to mandarin class.

The teacher recently contacted me and asked if we are still interested in sending Samuel to her class. She has a new enrolment with a few new students. I told her my concerns and she agreed to allow Samuel to attend only 1 hour of the class instead of 2hours.

She has moved Samuel's previous class to an earlier time i.e. 230pm and she started a new class at 430pm, every Monday. Samuel will only attend the class at 530pm. It will be a repetition for Samuel as the children in this class are newbies. It is ok for him to attend this class as I noticed he has forgotten most of the mandarin words and songs when I show him his books.

As I requested that I want him to learn writing as well, she said that after the class, she will make him stay for a while to teach him writing. She would want him to slowly catch up with his previous classmates and to ultimately join them again.

Before we sent him there yesterday, he wanted us to join him in the class. He was afraid because the children like to laugh with the teacher. She is a very cheerful teacher and she laughs alot. This makes Samuel afraid and uncomfortable. He doesn't like people to laugh.

I have convinced him to attend the class. I brought him to the class and the teacher carried him on her lap. Before I said anything, he waved and said bye bye to me. He looked really sad and I can see that he was holding back his tears. At that moment, my heart broke into pieces.

I hope I did not make the wrong decision by putting him in a class where he is not enjoying it. I would have thought he enjoys his class very much as I used to peep at him through the class window 5minutes before the class finishes.

p/s : I managed to coax him to the class because I promised him I will give him a new toy after the class, hehehe....

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