Sunday, August 31, 2008

School Homework

Every Saturday Samuel will bring back his homework. For the past two weeks I noticed his amount of homework has increased. Attending school on a Saturday doesn't give us ample time to coach him. Usually only on a Sunday night we have the time to coach him in his homework.

Samuel usually takes afternoon nap everyday between 1.30pm to 4pm. On a Saturday, we have to wake him at 3.30pm to get him ready for his music class. On a Sunday, we will get him ready at 4pm for his swimming class.

Sometimes we will go for our dinner and weekly groceries shopping after his class. By the time we reached home its late evening, and we have to get him to do his homework.

This week Samuel has alot of homework. He has a page of writing number 1 to 50, writing the alphabeth "m", his full name "Samuel Thoo Jensen", a page of alphabeth "q" and "r" and colouring. He has no problem in writing, but has problem in writing ON the line requested. Moreover, he writes very slow.


mybabybay said...

Don't be too hard, he is only 4.

The writer said...

Brendan has tons of homework too, luckily he finishes it all in the afternoon at the daycare centre.

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