Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lasik :Part III Post Surgery

Mummy resting in the coach after surgery

After my surgery, it was already 7pm. Many times I tried to open my eyes but I can't. I felt that my eyes were very heavy and I just didn't have the courage or strength to open it. I was asked to rest in a room. In less than 10 minutes, I seeked permission to leave and go back to have a rest.

We actually checked into a hotel in Subang in the morning, knowing that I need to have good rest. Staying in parents or in law's house was not very convenient as we knew I needed to sleep after the surgery.

Mummy with eye shield while sleeping

The doctor precribed sleeping pills. Asking me to take the pill and have a good rest. I should be able to see things clearly in 2hours time.

We went back to the hotel and I rested while daddy fed and took care of Samuel and Jesse. Daddy even fed me dinner. My eyes were not only very uncomfortable, I even experienced some pain. The pain was still bearable but i also had running nose. Everytime I tried to open my eyes, a dash of water keep dripping. Having running nose and watery eyes are the side effects of the surgery.

By 9pm+ I was still not able to open my eyes. I then decided to take half of the sleeping pill. At 11pm, I was much better. By this time, I can see things. It was not very clear but I think its about 70% to perfect vision. Although it took me longer time than what I was expected it to be or being told, I was glad that it was over. I decided to take the other half of the sleeping pill to sleep, hoping that I would be able to sleep better.

Mummy definitely looks better the following day :p

I was glad everything was ok the next day although my vision was still abit blur and the eye drops were stinging. I do not need to wear sun glasses. I went for checkup and the doctor assured me that everything was fine. I can't have any water go into my eyes for 3 weeks.

It has been 2 months since I did my lasik and I have not gain 100% to perfect vision. I had my checkup last week and the doctor told me that it might take me 3-6months to have perfect vision, especially if I sit infront of the computer everyday.


renet13 said...

Hi Alicia,
All this while do u wear glasses. Does the lasic guarantee perfect vision. Is it meant for people with vision problem like short and long sighted? what about astig> Sori for being ignorant.

Alicia said...

yes i have been wearing glasses since age 10 power is very high n yes it is guarantee perfect vision n guarantee for life... if in btw the yrs ur vision increases u can have ur lasik redo for free.... the one i did was for astig n long sighted n i heard theres some oso guarantee short sighted as well....

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