Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Before and After

It may sound like another PayPerPost title, but rest assured, this is not and it definitely has nothing to do with those Slimming Gimmicks of "Before and After".

We've been teaching Samuel about numbers and one thing about maths is that it is not only just numbers alone. We noticed that maths has alot to do with English Vocabulary too.

Samuel is still not as good in his English as his peers. We've been struggling to teach him what comes after what numbers.

Example, what comes before number 3 and what comes after number 3. The answer might appear to be so easy but it is very difficult for Samuel. He doesn't understand the difference between "before" and "after"

We have been trying, since this morning to explain to him what is "before" and what is "after". After spending hours of patiently explaining to Samuel and he still doesn't understand, Daddy lost his patience. How can Samuel not be able to differentiate the simple "before" and "after"?

It is just simply frustrating trying to explain, being creative to explain and even giving illustrations and yet Samuel still doesn't understand?

If you have any similar experiences, do shed some light and share how you can struggle through having "super patience" with your little ones.


mybabybay said...

Don't worry, my son had the same struggle. Just continue to teach him, eventually they will get it. Just need lots of practice like math.

slavemom said...

My girl had the same prob too. Maybe u can teach him b4 = smaller, after = bigger. Slowly loh... he's oni 4.

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