Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ramadhan is one of the best month for me. Reason being :
1. Shorter working hours
Mon - Thur : 8.00am to 3.00pm
Fri : 8.00am to 12.00pm

2. Buffet everywhere (daddy's favourite hehehe)

Last year during the month of ramadhan, I started scrapping. Since I have lost all the scrap, I have been abit reluctant to continue my scrap.

This year there are few things that I wanted to do.
1. Start scrapping again
2. Go for facial and massage
3. Bring children to private pool
4. Send Samuel for his replacment music and swimming lessons that he has missed
5. Continue to watch my series
6. Take naps


renet13 said...

wow good Ramadhan resolutions there...beware of extra wt hoh..more food and more sleep.he he. BTW what do u wrk as good one can have shorter wrking hours? Email me for privacy, Ok?

Serene said...

Wow.. so good! only your comapny have this kind of priviledge? or the whole country is like this?

slavemom said...

Poor thing abt the lost scraps. So this round, rmbr to make a back-up of all ur files ya.

Alicia said...

irene, trying my best to do the things i want hehe

serene, no la depends on co most co onli allow malay to go home early

ginie, yalo since i lost the scrap i have no mood to scrap heheh

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