Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We bought a bicycle for Samuel few months ago but we hardly bring him cycling. Reason being :
1) A lot of mosquitoes !! And Samuel is sensitive to mozzie bites
2) Samuel still doesn't know how to cycle. He kept paddling front and back when he cycles.
3) Mummy is lazy.... not sure about daddy

Few days ago, I decided to bring him cycling. He started to realise that he needs to keep moving his feet to the front and not front and back. Finally!

Yesterday I brought him to cycle at our housing area again and he enjoyed it very much. He was relunctant to go home.

Although I have applied mosquito repellent on him, he still gets mozzie bites. I guess the repellent doesn't help much. What is the best way to prevent mozzies getting near you? Any ideas?


Jesslyn said... ngam we blog about cycle fun at same day!

Well done boy, sooner u will remove the support too!

while cycling still kena bite ar? notti nyamuk hor!....

kien theng said...

put sabun on him

mybabybay said...

You can try mossie patch or bath him with dettol soap.

slavemom said...

My fren tried the dettol-bb oil solution. If I'm not mistaken, mix 1 part dettol to 3 parts bb oil. She said it kept mozzies at bay. But I've nvr tried it myself.

renet13 said...

my hubby oso thinking of getting a bigger and new bike for the twins while they hand dwn theirs to the little sisters. They still dunno how to ride independently without the metal support. Is there a way to teach them without tthem falling and hurting themselves ah? he he ..ridiculous question rite?

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