Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Mozzie freak. Important for the family before we light up our lanterns in the garden. But we ended up only using 2 mozzie coils as there weren't any mosquitos in the garden.
Lantern that we were going to play with. The 3 round lanterns were bought 2 years ago.
Samuel getting ready with the lanterns
Few lanterns being lighted up
Daddy took photos of Mummy & Samuel holding his tiger lantern
Mummy's turn to take photo of Daddy & Samuel
Samuel insisted that it is his turn to take our photo but daddy was there to guide him... so only mummy in the photo
Jesse refused to go out and play lanterns. Mummy have to force her to sit there to take photo of her and Samuel
Jesse kept asking mummy to go inside the house
Finally Jesse willing to take photo with the lanterns
More photos before we blow off the candles in the lanterns
Closing ceremony.

Recap :
2004 - Samuel was 2 months old.
2005 - No action taken.
2006 - Samuel first time encounters with lanterns and he sang birthday song.
2007 - Jesse was only few months old. We only played lanterns with Samuel.
2008 - Both Samuel & Jesse played lanterns.


renet13 said...

It's great to let our kids remember the lantern and mooncake tradition or else..our culture will be forgoten. As it is, the lanterns also so modern with Disney characters, etc..I miss those old traditional ones I used to play with made of clth shape of butterfly nad those with springy nose of a dragon!

Mummy to QiQi said...

still love those paper lanterns as compare to the battery ones. more traditional i think.

hey, mummy, u look so young ler...

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