Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sick Jesse

Jesse woke up with running nose this morning and she was down with fever at 7pm.

She has been very clingy, when she sees mummy, she doesn't want the maid. She wants mummy to carry her, feed her and play with her.

When she is sick, she is extra clingy. I hope that she can have good sleep tonight. We had terrible sleep yesterday coz she has been making alot of noise and the whole night she has been kicking here and there.

I pray that she will recover soon.


renet13 said...

Hi Alicia,
try Adezio for the running nose and flu for your ger ger. It's laici flavour, sugar & alcohol free. Very effective for my small kids and they love the flavour.
Rub Vicks on her soles to keep her warm.
Take care fren..not easy to nurse a sick cracky leechy child. I have 2 who is like that at this moment even they are healthy.

slavemom said...

Hope Jesse's feeling much better now.

mybabybay said...

Sounds like you work for the govt...hehehe

Alicia said...

irene, i tried adezio b4 on both but onli effective for samuel n not jesse n yes my son oso loves it hehe

ginie, she was fully recovered on mon but dun noe wats happen yday running nose again leh.. sigh...

michelle, no la im in private sector.. how i wish i was in govt dept hahaha

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