Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Liar !

I was so disappointed with Poslaju services.

We came back with Samuel after his school at around 12pm. First thing when I stepped into the house my maid came and said "Mam, nanti saya bilang mam marah nanti" (Mam, what I'm going to tell you, you might scold me). My heart stop beating for a moment. I thought something happened to Jesse.

She then told me that she opened the door for someone to send us a letter. I was still abit blur at the moment as I have not understood what she said. She explained to me the whole situation.

The story goes..... Someone came knocking on the door but she ignored him. After awhile he called our house phone and asked for us. Our maid mentioned that both of us are not around and she can't open the door. The man said that he has letter for us and she told him to leave it outside the door. He then told her that he is working for us and we has asked her to open the door. Without asking further, she open the door for him to collect and signed acknowlegment of the document.

Just because he doesn't want to come again, he lied to our maid. I was really mad with Pos Laju service.

I am angry because :
1. The Pos Laju personnel lied to our maid to deceive her
2. Our maid actually opened the door for a total stranger without even calling us to confirm (when Jesse was at home alone with her)

It was a very shocking when I heard our maid saying "Mam, nanti saya bilang mam marah nanti" (Mam, what I'm going to tell you, you might scold me)


slavemom said...

Luckily this time it was the postman n not some ppl with bad intentions. Consider it a blessing in disguise. So that next time the same thing happen again, she'll know she cannot open the door, no matter wat. Gotta remind her everytime u leave her home alone with the kids. That was really scary!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Could it be your maid who's telling a lie? I'm just guessing only coz she's afraid you would scold her so she cooked up a story?

renet13 said...

did you lodge a complaint?

last time my ex ex maid use to pay the pos laju guy Rm 5 for any letter for her telling her not to let me know and in case he sees my car in..dont deliver the letter yet.

When i lodge a complaint and investigated further, the post laju mnagement said dont have any staff admitting it. Till now it's still a mystery for me.

Mummy to QiQi said...

had problem with the post laju too recently, so geram...GGRRRR>>>>

Alicia said...

ginie, ya we have to keep reminding her wat she can n can't do

shireen, i dun think she is smart enuff to make up such story, moreover our house pone no was reli stated on the envelope

irene, wanted to complaint but we dun noe who is the poslaju agent here, moreover i think lodge complaint oso no use, just pray that it wont happen again

chinnee, im not surprise if their services r lousy

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