Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday Dinner

We went to Fratini Restaurant for Daddy's Birthday Family Dinner. We were supposed to go to the Jalan Muara Branch but it was fully booked. So I reserved rhe one in the Yayasan Branch instead. Fratini is one of the restaurants that doesn't serve buffet during Ramadhan. Most of the restaurants are having only buffet and most of the dishes are spicy which is not suitable for the children.

Since it is the Ramadhan season, I pre booked our orders and requested it to be served upon our arrival. In conjuction with the Ramadhan season, all pizzas and pastas are 50% off. 5 minutes before our reservation time, they called and informed us that our meals were ready to be served. Since we were just around the corner, I requested them to have our orders to be served at our table.

Once we sat down at our table, I was so dissappointed. The price was 50% off on the pastas, and to our surprise, it was also half the portion of our Ravioli Gamberoni! I'm not sure if this is the only branch which has reduced the portion to half. A few days ago when me and daddy were at the Jalan Muara branch for our tea break, the portion was definitely 50% more. And that time, I complaint to daddy the portion is small. I counted and they served only 10 pieces of looked alike "wantan" (dumplings). Yesterday, I do not need to count. At one glance I can only see 4 pieces of dumplings and 1 piece was not even properly wrapped. I was really dissapointed!

After dinner, we went for a walk. Then we headed back home for daddy's birthday cake. I bought daddy his favourite black forest cake. Samuel loves it too and he requested for 2nd piece after the 1st.

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slavemom said...

Aicks! 50% off the price, but food oso 50% less. Hope they din discount on the taste too.

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