Friday, September 26, 2008

Shame Shame

Yesterday night after I put Jesse on her cot, I was away for less than 1 minute, I was so shocked to see her STRIPING herself !!

When I see what she was trying to do, I quickly grabbed my camera and started taking some shots of her. When she caught me taking her photos, she stopped and came to me. If I have left her any longer, she would have been totally naked.

Need to take out my clothes before mummy is back

Let me take out left feet first

Now the right side

Nope mummy still not here

Gosh... left side was easy

Let me try again

Oh no mummy caught me


mybabybay said...

Why is she stripping? Did you ask her?

renet13 said...

Any mother instinct why she doing that? My youngest princess live to expose her stomache when she sleeps..till today at 3 yrs old ..still dunno hw to stop her. I afraid perut masuk angin lor from nite till morning!

Mummy to QiQi said...

alamak...strip tease ah?

slavemom said...

It must hv been a vy HOT night. LOL

Serene said...

Haha.. so cute. Why she want to take off her clothes?

Alicia said...

michelle, i did not ask her, even if i ask her she dun noe how to answer me haha... she likes to play wif buttons dats y she strip herself hehe

irene, ya i noe wat u mean dats y we keep on tucking her shirt if shes wearing 2pcs pyjamas.. sometimes midnite i c her half naked...

chinnee, yaya like to strip herself haha

ginie, not reli hot la just loves to play wit buttons

serene, i wonder y she loves the button so much hehe

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