Saturday, September 13, 2008

Maid Update

Our maid has been with us for about a month. Her attitude has not changed since then. She still wakes up at 4 - 4.30am every morning, and usually goes to bed latest by 10 pm. She is still as hardworking as before. Infact she is better off when she first came. She knows her daily routine work and she is now able to put Jesse to nap twice a day. Her cooking has improved a little. A bit more tastier than before.

Overall we are quite happy with her, although I have sounded her numerous times. She can be very forgetful at times. She talks alot, especially on a wrong timing. There are few occasions she keeps talking when I was lecturing Samuel or comforting Jesse. Sometimes I have to ask her to stop talking.

The other thing daddy was not happy about is her eating habit. She doesn't take meat. No chicken, no beef, no lamb, no pork! She takes a little, very little or hardly take fish. She is more or less a vegetarian. This make us very difficult when we go out and have our family meal. When we were having daddy's favourite chicken rice, we have to order something else for her.

Anyway, as long as she maintains her attitude and remains as hardworking, I think she is consider a good maid.

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Mummy to QiQi said...

at least that saves money in long run. nevermind, when u all go makan chicken rice, order taugeh for her lor..hehe

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