Monday, September 1, 2008

Crying Jesse

Jesse wants to sit with Mummy

Jesse doesn't like to sit on her carseat. She likes going front and back, left and right. Everytime when we go out, she will only sit on her own seat for less than 5 minutes.

She is so clingy that she wants to sit with me in front everytime we go out. Even if I sit behind with her, she is not willing to sit on her carseat.

If only she is willing to sit on the carseat by herself, just like Samuel, I would be really happy.


huisia said...

she cried so pitifully there...kasihan..

renet13 said...

Poor Jesse and mommy sure having headache with the disturbance . what more distraction to the driver. Lucky my 4 kids all are used to it from babies. They started with bassinet until their backbone is strong enough to sit on a proper care sit that can be inclined..then when they start schooling..we use booster seat. Now the bigger ones sit without booster sit but must be belted..that's daddy's rule even before the government says so.

Mummy to QiQi said...

poor baby. my qq was like that too, when she was young. nothing distract her, not even all the toys and books. things get better when we changed her to a better car seat when she was two. hope jesse will get over with it soon.

slavemom said...

My boy used to love the car seat. But not anymore. I've no choice but to let him be sometimes (if the distance is near). If far, I'll definitely make sure he's in the car seat but I'll hv to sit behind with him.

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