Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daddy's New Toy

Mummy bought this PSP slim for daddy's Birthday & Anniversary. Daddy has been eyeing on this toy for sometime. Its a good thing that both occassion falls a day apart. Mummy can save $ on buying daddy 2 presents, LOL *stingy mummy*


renet13 said...

Enjoy the PSP daddy! BTW I just received a congratulations letter from VICO manager saying that I won a 3rd price in VICO transformer contest whch is a Sony PSP game console. Dont really know what it is until I collect the gift from them next week. Is it expensive?

renet13 said...

What does PSP stands for actually? Enjoy it daddy! I've heard so much about Playstation but still dont really knw what it is so shy! My twins have been bugging me to get them one. Thank God mommy just receive a congratulations letter from VICO for winning a 3rd prize which is a SONY PSP game console..whatis it? Expensive ah? Mommy missed the 1st prize of PS3. They are so excited though we have not collected the gift!

(soory if this message appear twice..the earlier one didnt seen to work.not sure if it was sent)

huisia said...

Samuel will love it very soon...
Happy Belated Birthday to you hubby and Happy Belated Anniversary to your hubby and you!

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