Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Female / Male Toilet

There are a few incidents that, while we were in public, mummy has to bring Samuel to pee and he refuses to go into the female toilet. Mummy has to "force" him to go into the female toilet.

What can we do if daddy is not around to bring a boy to toilet and he refuses to go to the female toilet with mummy?


Vien said...

Ooo..that's a tough question. My hub always bring Belle in to the little boys..sometimes when I bring her to the loo, she would insist on going to the little boys..hahaha..

kien theng said...

move to australia,

they have something called parent's room. both mommy and daddy can bring their kids to the toilet

mybabybay said...

My boy is ok going to female toilet as long as he can pee.

I am more afraid of my gal who want to sit rather than squat. The public toilets are so dirty.

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