Friday, September 12, 2008

Daddy Melted Again

Every morning when Jesse wakes up, she will cry looking for Mummy. No matter how daddy hugs her and comforts her, she will still look for Mummy.

This morning, when Mummy has already left for work, Jesse woke up smiling (at Daddy). She then quickly went to daddy and rub her face against daddy's face and smiled.

Daddy melted :)



renet13 said...

Can related to this scenario very much. hubby sometimes feels very sad and frustrated when my gals turn away from him when he offer to hug or cool them down when they insisted me to carry or attend to them when I was cooking or engaged with something else. Hmmmm very tiring for me when they just want me and refuse daddy...I always tell my hubby..all these nonsense can really drain my energy and good "chi":(

slavemom said...

Daddy must be secretly wishing u'd leave for work early every day. hehehe

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