Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Can Swim

Woh... look... so many boats
I'm going to get them!
I'm almost there, keep kicking

Psst... did you notice that I'm holding elmo with me? It is Teacher Isabel's elmo but I love him and I want to swim together with him in my arms. I hope I didn't drown him....


renet13 said...

your ger ger soooo cute. All my kids started swimming in the pool with float at 8 months old. My twins swam and able to plunge without any float at age 7. The younger they start the better. For safety purposes, swimmng is good. My twins had outgrown thier asthma, too after they started swimming lessons with all the breathing control.

Sabrina said...

So cute lar..WOnder Charlotte will enjoy her 1st swim or not this weekend.

huisia said...

your hubby looks so happy to swim with his little princess.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I must also send my girls for swimming classes. It's a survival skill, must learn!

Alicia said...

irene, yes the younger they r the better... n swimming is a survival skill

sabrina, im sure Charlotte will enjoy herself

huisia, yes coz tis is the onli time my girl will stick wif him hahahah

shireen, yes totally agree... send them for classes asap

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