Thursday, September 25, 2008

Samuel's 2nd Kilometre (Cycling)

He Did It! Again!

Today, Samuel did the same route again. It was a breeze after he tried it yesterday (Samuel's 1st Kilometre).

Today's cycling trip was more adventurous and interesting. He came upon this :

Daddy shoo it away and Samuel continued cycling.


renet13 said...

wow the monitor lizard oso wanna have fun with Samuel. Good job Samuel..improving your stamina each time..cant wait for your 3km achievement!

kien theng said...

alright..!how about roll over the lizard next time and show us its internal organ..

Alicia said...

irene, ya daddy tries to bring samuel for evening ride whenever they have the chance to build his stamina

kt, hmm nvr tot of dat... we will consider ur comment if we c it again hahaha

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