Sunday, October 5, 2008

The 4 Shoes

Today has been an interesting day for us. We're The 4 Thoos and let us introduce you to The 4 Shoes.

Its a family shoe shopping day. We bought 4 pairs of shoes today for daddy, mummy, Samuel and Jesse


laundryamah said... for everyone!! that's nice..

Annie Q said...

WOW!!!! so nice!

mybabybay said...

Are you asking us to spot the unique pair?

Alicia said...

LOL.... no la i think daddy just wanna blog about our new shoes.... we never buy the same thing for all of us at the same time

Serene said...

4Thoos and 4Shoes! Heheh
Alicia, i got an award for you. Feel free to grab it from my blog. =)

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