Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Early morning with...... Part I - Jesse

I was about to blog about Jesse sleeping through the night and this wee hour in the morning she woke up asking for milk. Argg.....

I have been ignoring her for the past 2 weeks when she was showing her tantrum middle of the night or very early in the morning, usually between 2-3am or 4-5am. Since baby she has been very demanding at night. Only when she is sick and on drowsy medication or once in a blue moon, she will sleep through without making any noise.

For the past 2weeks, when she makes noise, its either we ignore her totally or we will feed her water. She will finish her water and goes back to sleep. Usually when she makes noise, her eyes are closed.

This morning she climb from her baby bed to sleep in between us. And when she started to make noise, she started kicking and rolling. I wanted to give her water initially but I was not strict enough. Since she will be drinking, why not give her milk which is more nutricious than water.

It was 4.45am when we gave her milk. Since I'm already awake, I decided to check on the maid. Our maid was with us for 2 months and I have not wake up in the morning to train her. I was surprise to see her cooking our lunch at 4.45 am! .................... to be continued


Ruth said...

Hi Alicia:) Thanks for yours vote!Glad that you love my scrap works:) Oh ya, You have a wonderful blog here!

huisia said...

wow,your maid so hardworking!i wish i had a good maid!

renet13 said...

lucky to have a hardwoking maid but still nid to chk on her often. i learnt my lesson..never trust maids (foreign alien) no matter how good they appear to be. Mine was sooo good for past 2yrs..still can con us without signs and symptoms. Heartache!!

mybabybay said...

Wow 4:45am cooked wat time she cooks breakfast?

slavemom said...

Preparing, I can u/std. Cooking? At such hour? Then u'd hv to reheat the food again b4 lunch.

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