Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Samuel Did It Again! This time 5 Kilometres! (Cycling)

The Avenue going towards Jerudong Park Country Club
The Security Post of the Jerudong Park Country Club

Today, Samuel went cycling again. This time he went even further than ever before. He wants to cycle all the way to mummy's office but daddy felt it was too far for him. He needs more training before he can do that.

Anyway, he managed to cycle about 5 kilometres this time. Daddy is impressed that with his little legs, he can paddle so much. It took him about one hour to cycle so he was cycling about 5km/hour.

This map (satelite photo) can't even fit Samuel's cycling route. Samuel cycled further up all the way to the Jerudong Park Country Club's security post.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Bravo Samuel, you are really good!

renet13 said...

well done Samuel boy..u veli keng ah..kecik kecik so much stamina! Nxt time must wear proper head gear huh n knee pad, etc.

Vien said...

Holy moly...he cycled that far?! I'm so impressed...even this aunty can't cycle that far w/o whinning..haha..

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