Monday, October 6, 2008

The Verdict : Eyes

Few months back I posted a dog picture which Samuel was afraid. It was not the dog that he was afraid of. At that time I was suspecting is because the dog closes his eyes. But after showing the same picture over and over again, he was no longer afraid of it.

Today, Samuel brought back a story book titled Queen Clara, which he chose from his school library. In the evening, I gave him the story book while I was watching tv and reading blogs at the same time. In between, he asked me the words he doesn't know. He managed to read almost the whole book by himself.

When he was almost finishing the story book, he asked me to flip the page. I didn't understand the reason why and I just did what was told. He emphasised to flip only 1 page and he was pressing the page that I wanted to flip, making sure I only flip a page. I think he must have flipped and saw something which he doesn't like. Then he continued to read and I did not bother much.

After reading the page, he said he will continue tomorrow. I was a little surprised as he loves reading stories and usually doesn't want to stop but he requested to continue it the next day. However, I did not ask him and just let it be.

Later, he told me Queen Clara is sleeping. I didn't understand what he was talking about and asked him further. He gave me the book and asked me to flip to the last page. When I was about to flip he quickly closed his EARS. I asked him why he closed his ears and his answer was because Queen Clare was sleeping, cannot make noise.

In actual fact, he was afraid of Queen Clara's picture because she close her eyes as she was sleeping. I tried a few times, and each time I wanted to open that page, he will quickly close his ears tightly.

Why is he afraid of those closing eyes picture? And why close his ears and not eyes when hes afraid?


huisia said...

wow, Samuel is definitely a smart boy! how did he learn to read all those words?? you printed the words out one by one??

mybabybay said...

I think he doesn't want to hear any noise. He thinks if he hear noise, the queen who is sleeping will hear noise too and scare to wake the queen up.

Did he ever disturb someone who is sleeping and got scolded for it?

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