Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Early Morning with...... Part II - Maid

As mentioned earlier, I was very surprised to see my maid started cooking at 4.45am. I used to tell her to cook at around 6.30am. She can get ready the ingredients earlier but don't cook too early.

Not only I was surprised to see her started to cook so early, I was extremely surprised to see her fill the wok with so much oil (almost 4 cups of oil), just to stir fry (not deep fry) the chicken.

When I asked her to clean the house first before she starts cooking, she told me she has completed all the chores, only left mopping. She said she woke up at 4 am to do the work. In just 45 m she poured some hot boiled water to the jugs, washed 2 airpots and fill with water to put to boil, do laundry (few handwash), sweep the floor (living and dinning room), wipe and clean the tables and cabinets, cook rice and get ready the ingredients for cooking? I'm not sure if she really can complete this in 45 m as she is kinda slow in her work.

On the day she needs to wash car, she wakes up at 4 am, else she wakes up at 4.30 am. I told her to wake up at 5am but she said she can't finish the work on time. We have 2 cars and we only asked her to wash our cars once a week each. She says she only wakes up at 4 am twice a week. Whatever she does, she needs to get ready herself clean by 7am, before she gets Samuel ready to school.

Although she is hardworking (I think), her work is not so clean. We have to be very specific and detail in telling her the things we need her to do. Sometimes when we tell her to do "A", she will perceived it as "B".


renet13 said...

emm sounds very "doubtful" here. Better check on her & peep n c what she actually does waking up so early and can finished work so fast when she is a slow coach. Never evr trust these aliens!

mybabybay said...

wow 4am. What time she start sleeping?

Jesslyn said...

one day u also wake up at 4am lar, see apa dia buat pagi pagi! LOL

Mummy to QiQi said...

s long as they r hardworking, we cannot complain much liao. my maid too, her work not clean but i just had to keep one close!

MeRy said...

It is a big headache having maid at home she an Indo maid?

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