Sunday, October 26, 2008

Osim uJog?

Another Osim exercise machine for the family? hehe

This brings back something that happened about a month ago when daddy brought the family out shopping in one of the shopping malls in Brunei.

While we were shopping, daddy brought our indonesian maid to the car (in the basement parking) to go get something. While daddy was locking the car in the carpark, daddy asked the maid to go look for mummy and the babies first.

When daddy went back into the shopping mall, daddy was shocked looking at our maid running so so fast.... but the funny thing was... she was not going anywhere despite running extremely fast... (hmm... how can daddy describe this better)

Daddy saw the largest treadmill being used... hehe

The maid was running on the escalator that is moving on the opposite direction... (innocently).. and daddy was shocked.... not just daddy... but the workers and cashier was shocked too.... daddy saw the workers in the mall literally "drop jaw" wondering what our maid was doing....

When daddy saw this... daddy asked:

Daddy : What are you doing?? (in Malay)
Maid : Oh Sir, i am going to look for Ma'am (running faster and faster on the escalator, not going anywhere)
Daddy : Come down now, you are running on the wrong direction (Acting serious but actually laughing madly inside)
Maid : Ok Sir (running even faster, with no expression on the face... whatsoever)
Daddy : o_O
*Everyone at the mall was staring at the maid*

Treadmill? Escalator? Osim uJog... ? hehe


renet13 said...

LOLLOL i cant stop laughing to this..hilarious!

Annie Q said...

muahahhahahahahhahahhahahaha!!! This is so funny!!! I cannot stop laughing.

Daddy said...

HAHAHA....this is a good one! For us, when she first joined, we asked her to make Ribena with ice for one of our guest. After 15 minutes of waiting and no Ribena, I walked into the kitchen and saw her faithfully stirring the cup. I asked her "Kenapa lama sangat?" And she replied "Kejap lagi sir. Ice belum cair.." Don't know to scold her or laugh out loud...

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