Thursday, October 23, 2008

Their New Learning Toys

We bought this Leap Frog Leap Pad Learning System for Samuel. I have always wanted to get him the Leap Frog Touch Pad when he was younger but we got him a similar learning toy from Fisher Price when he was about 2. The main reason was because we could get the FP catridges in Brunei. We couldn't find any Leap Frog products here at that time.

We wanted to get Jesse the touch pad when getting Samuel the leap pad. But after having second thought, I decided not to since we already have something similar which is suitable for Jesse. Now, Samuel's Fisher Price Power Touch Learning System was handed over to Jesse, but she was not really interested in it, just like Samuel when he was at her age.


mybabybay said...

I got one set from the state but the books cost a bomb.

kien theng said...

do you have any unwanted toys for hannah, her parents are too poor to get her one. but her parents can pay for the post

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