Monday, October 13, 2008

Jesse's Vocabulary

It has been quite worrying for both daddy and mummy when Jesse doesn't seem to be speaking much at her age.

She hardly calls "mummy" and as long as i can recall... she has vaguely called me "daddy". The best she does calling me daddy is "di"

Recently, daddy is so happy that Jesse has picked up a few words and she speaks it out pretty well too..

Jesse's 1st few words.
1. mummy
2. cocoyo (pocoyo)
3. ye-o (yellow)
4. geeee (please)
5. kew (thank you)
6. der (there)
7. no no (no)
8. mmm (yes.. nodding her head)
9. mau (mickey mouse)
10. duck (duck)
11. goo (goofy)
12. poo (winnie the pooh)
13. yay (hurray)
14. bebi (baby)
15. ko (kor kor - brother)
16. kak (kakak - maid/sister)
17. beh woon (baloon)
18. boh (ball)
19. nait nait (goodnight)
20. bai (goodbye)
21. pel (apple)
22. range (orange)
23. tar (star)
24. all i can remember for the moment...


little prince's mummy said...

Wow! He really know a lot

mybabybay said...

aiks...where is papa?

chanelwong said...

dont worry..once she can talk it will be fast n non stop...

huisia said...

ask korkor talks non-stop to her, kids like to imitate.

blacksnail said...

haha.. no "daddy" in her vocab

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